AUTOMATIC SYD has great know-how within automation.

Many Danish machine makers and OEM-manufacturers are successfully utilizing the possibilities of modern integrated automation, being very important to keep the competitive power in the world market for high quality machines and equipment.

Right from the beginning AUTOMATIC SYD has participated in automation, and through the years we have built up a very valuable know-how within design of control solutions for various machine and production plants.

Often minor control panels have to be connected via network and they do not function until the communication from a superior DCS / Scada system is correct. AUTOMATIC SYD takes care of the best possible integration between all units in the plant with a reliable production in view.

Our close cooperation with market leading suppliers of components and equipment guarantees that we are able to solve a wide spectrum of jobs within automation.

  • Be a success
  • Maintain the competition power
  • Integrated automation
  • We have participated from the very beginning
  • Valuable know-how

Let us give you a proposal for the best possible automation solution!

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