Made in Denmark – Danish Quality

AUTOMATIC SYD A/S is supplying high quality products and assemblies.

All production activities have been systematized and described in detail going through all process stages of project and production.

A continuous review of the quality for correct production in consideration of the environment is carried out according to the ISO standards (9000/14000-series).

Each delivery is subject to detailed test and control prior to dispatch. The 100% control effected is more comprehensive than the control actions prescribed in norms and standards. We never use random sampling.

All assemblies include an original control certificate to guarantee the customer that the delivery is according to agreement and without defects.

Our customers are invited to inspection of the assembly during production and to attend the final tests prior to delivery.

Environment and Safety

We have only one world – AUTOMATIC SYD is taking care of it. 

Based on a defined environmental policy we take it for granted that all finished products and solutions include environmentally approved components and equipment meeting as a minimum the demands in force at the time in question.

All production activities are being carried out according to the best possible safety regulations, and waste from both production premises and offices is sorted for re-cycling.

Our personnel is a very important prerequisite for the effectiveness and growth of the company. Motivation, good working conditions and a friendly social convention are important elements necessary for creation of the best solutions for customers.