Scada / DCS

Besides being specialists in PLC control panels AUTOMATIC SYD is also experienced in Scada, HMI/MMI, OP/visualization and other industrial software solutions.

Our automation engineers have the right practical experience with the design of suitable systems, and we handle solutions on all levels – from the smallest control panel of the machine to the most important integrated network – with many PCs in the modern industrial production plant.

We are also ready to design the right wireless plant for long-distance supervision and control of your plant – wherever you are in the world.

We have highest knowledge and status as strategic partners in the most well-known markes and types from Siemens and Rockwell, - your guaranty for that we can design and implement the best solutions that fits all needs for a modern industrial software based system in the plant – from production to administration.

  • Specialist in Scada / HMI / MMI / OP
  • Partner in Siemens and Rockwell
  • Systems in all well-known makes
  • Solution designed for the future
  • Automation for Industry 4.0  

“Teamwork” in your plant – designed for the future

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