Thermography is one of the most efficient service tools for preventive maintenance and identification of visible and non visible defects on electrical panels, electrical plants, electrical installations, manufacturing plants and engines.

The errors are typically detected are loads, unbalanced load, poor connections, wear, corrosion, mismanagement and faulty components or other errors that could result in blackouts and unintended downtime in your production.

Preventive maintenance should take place periodically, switchgear exposed to extreme operating conditions / set in the demanding environment should be checked more often.

In this way it is possible to identify and rectify any faults before major damage occurs. The cost of unintended stoppages typically have substantially higher costs than planned maintenance in the form of service and thermography. Our thermography include thermographic inspection of all contactors, fuses, connections and motor protection, there can be inspected when the board opens.

When thermography of electrical switchboard or power plant has been drawn to a report detailing any errors that may exist and proposals for remedying them. Optionally there may also be a visual state control of the board.

  • Prevent fire
  • Prevent shut down
  • Prevent Production stop
  • Prevent destroied materials
  • Prevent personal emergency

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